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Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
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Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center provides an excellent reference resource for efficiently looking up titles for classical Tibetan literature, as well as for looking up Tibetan religious figures; it has more limited resources on Tibetan places. It is without question the preeminent site in the world for looking up a Tibetan title or person on-line and reflects the impressive scholarly knowledge of Gene Smith, its founder.Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center is the largest project in the world aimed at scanning Tibetan Buddhist literature in massive amounts. Some bodies of literature are available over the Web, but most are sold over the Web at a modest cost. One of the jewels of the collection is the 103 volumes of the Dege (sde dge) edition of the Kangyur (bka' 'gyur), the main scriptural canon of Tibetan Buddhism. It also provides a free on-line bibliography for classical Tibetan literature, and an outstanding biographical database on Tibetan religious figures. It is an excellent resource to do quick searches on Tibetan titles and personages. There is a modest selection of other types of resources, such as images and bibliographies of secondary literature.

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