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New Bodra-Drukdra

The new Boedra song and dance consists of the songs with short tunes which were composed in the twentieth century or recent times. The songs are performed with a dance, usually in a circular row and movement quite similar to Tibetan dances. The lyrics of the new Boedra dwell on Bhutanese places, people, nature, spirituality and events.

  • བོད་སྒྲ་གསརཔའམ་འབྲུག་སྒྲ། (Dzongkha, Tibetan script, Original)
    • > New Bodra-Drukdra (English, Latin script, Translation)
    • > bod sgra gasarapa'ama 'brug sgra (Dzongkha, Latin script, THL Extended Wylie Transliteration)
    • > bö dra sarpam(?) druk dra (Dzongkha, Latin script, THL Simplified Tibetan Transcription)
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